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"Beach Only" Training Groups- Indoor Club is No Longer the Only Option

By SC Beach, 08/14/17, 10:15AM PDT


“The training environment— small groups, focused players and coaches, and the overall passion for the game shared by them makes the Training Groups a very special training season. It’s very different than the summer season— which is dominated by travel, tournaments and hardly any time to breathe and think.”

-Lucas Bol, Director

Up until now, indoor club has been the default option for young volleyball players out side of their school season. The decision for doing so sometimes being made in terms of “ I need to play” or “have to play” in order to keep their skills up for their high school teams, or pursuit of a college roster spot. Indoor club is an important part of the development of indoor volleyball players, but it does not provide the training needed for aspiring beach volleyball athletes wanting to pursue a career on the beach. Because of these factors, we want to give players more than one option to pursue their goals, whether they are making their school team next season, getting a scholarship, or having fun playing beach volleyball.

"Winter training helped me get ahead in my skills and technique during the off season. It pushed me to have that extra edge on my competitors. Coming into the rigorous summer season I felt I was at the peak of my performance and ready to compete at my highest level." 

-Madison Dueck, Cal Beach Volleyball

"Beach Only" high school player training calendar. Periods of high and low intensity cycle to provide players time to recharge and handle important responsibilities such as school and holidays. Designed to keep players healthy and happy.

We are providing players with the opportunity to do something different. Our Training Group program is the beach counterpart to indoor club, and provides top level instruction for all athletes. The groups are small, 4-6 players, so making the groups is very important. They must be balanced and even, and players must be compatible. If you know you'd like to participate, start looking for others who you think would be a good fit. It's best to get a head start on the group making. 

The program runs during the traditional indoor season. It is a 4-month season beginning the middle of January and running into May. It is designed for a variety of players— from players wanting to continue to enhance their overall volleyball skill and technique, to college bound beach players taking their game to the next level and gaining an edge on their competitors.

All interested players are encouraged to participate in our Fall Training. This will give you an opportunity to meet some of the coaches and other players. Tryouts will be held the first and second weekends in November. If you have any questions, please contact Lucas Bol,

“I’m looking forward to our Training Group program and the opportunity it provides for beach players across the entire Bay Area. The use of our West Valley training location beginning in January 2017 opens big doors for the Bay Area in terms of beach volleyball.”

-Lucas Bol, Director