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Registration & Fees

Follow program specific information for registration and collection of fees. Below outlines the terms and details of registration.

Each training season is unique, with a different number of practices and tournaments scheduled. With that, our season fees will vary group to group and season to season based on the number of practices, tournaments and other group activities. Please read the following carefully.


  • We expect our athletes to be fully committed to the training and tournament schedule we provide. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. During some seasons, we will have registration options for players to commit at different levels. 

Registration Details

*The guidelines and rules for attendance are created to promote player development. We want to create a consistent and excellent practice environment.

  • When registration options are available, i.e. "one practice per week" or "two practices per week", you are registering and paying for the number of practices attended per week. You are paying for a frequency of practices per week, not a total number of practices.*
  • No credits, transfers or refunds will be granted for missed practices. For example, a player is registered for one practice per week. If they miss practice one week, and want to attend two the next week, they must pay the drop in practice fee for the second practice that week.*
  • Fees are non refundable. Under special circumstances, refunds can be provided. In most cases, refunds are not granted.
  • Players can be terminated at anytime from the program/group if the club deems it necessary to do so to uphold the standards of which we operate. In that scenario, a prorated refund of non allocated fees will be provided.

What is Included in Joining the Club:

  • Becoming apart of the best beach volleyball club and community in northern California.
  • We take pride in maintaining and teaching not only the best technical skills and strategies of the game, but also operating the club and creating a culture based upon traditional beach volleyball. We are not an indoor club! We are always pursuing the motto, "keep beach volleyball, beach volleyball."
  • Access to our amazing staff, including the top beach specific coaches in the Bay Area, former and current collegiate players, top AAA players, and college coaches.
  • College recruiting help. Coaches and staff provide guidance and help for players wanting to continue playing in college.
  • Amazing practice facilities.
  • A beach specific staff knowledgeable about all aspects of beach volleyball and the culture surrounding it.
  • A whole staff of coaches that know what it takes to become a great beach volleyball player, and how to teach it.
  • Fun, hopefully lots of fun.