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FUNdamentals Training

FUNdamentals is geared towards younger and newer players to the game. In generally, players in FUNdamentals are grades 5-8, and at beginner skill level. Our more advanced program is Training Groups.

FUNdamentals Training (Grades 5-8)

FUNdamentals Training is geared to young, new and beginner players. In this program, we will focus on the fundamental techniques needed to play at a high level. This is the start of our training pathway, and new players generally begin in this program. The knowledge they gain will be utilized and expanded upon throughout their entire time with the club. We teach the same technique and skills as we do to our older players. For that reason, participation in FUNdamentals by a more experienced player can still be effective, and can reinforce and tune up the simple, fundamental techniques the game is based on.  The main focus of the program will be to address the randomness, simplicity, and reactionary aspect of the game. Participation in FUNdamentals is a great way to increase a players overall volleyball ability and is great preparation for indoor volleyball seasons, as well as beach volleyball tournaments and games. As the name suggests, this program (as do all our programs) are fun. It is important that the game is fun, and practice is fun.
Program Quick Info:
  • Boys, Girls, or Coed
  • Grades 5-8
  • Designed for beginners and new players.
  • Effective practice for all skill levels.
  • Gain the foundation for a lifetime of play.
  • Prepares players to play at the next level.
How do I join the program?
Instead of hosting a tryout for this program, we hold an orientation session before the season starts. In many ways these sessions are like tryouts, however players are not cut. The purpose of the orientation is for new players and families to meet the coaches and staff. We will use the sessions to evaluate the new players and use that information to plan the upcoming season.
For questions about becoming a part of this program contact Lucas Bol: