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Players- Past & Present

Our Players

We take pride in the athletes we train. From 1st-time beginners to 3-time NCAA champions, we provide the tools to help them succeed and grow. Our players are not only dedicated beach volleyball players, but also valuable members of the community we build. They are:

  • AAU Open champions

  • USA HP Championship medalists

  • CBVA Tourstop champions

  • CBVA AAA-rated

  • Community college athletes

  • Competitive

  • Great teammates

  • NCAA national champions

  • USA HP A1 athletes

  • AAU National Championship medalists

  • USAV Grandslam champions

  • Knowledgable and respected

  • Fun and hardworking

  • NCAA Division I athletes


Former and Current Players


Allie Wheeler- USC


Jenna Belton- USC
Kirsten Mead- Santa Clara
Clare Powers- Saint Mary's/Penn State


Jess Hess- UOP


Lily Justine- UCLA
Julia Chizanskos- Hawaii
Madison Dueck- Cal


Brigitte Canty- USC
Kate Formico- Stanford
Amelia Smith- Stanford
Candice Denny- Arizona
Jaqueline Disanto- Michigan


Maggie Walters- UCLA
Julia Devine- USC
Mollie Ebertin- USC
Delaney Peranich- Cal Poly
Andreea Paduraru- Cal


Kendall Peters- Tulane
Jillian Rodriguez- Long Beach
Ally Polverari- TCU


Caitlin Cummings- USC